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OstroVit ALA is a unique and natural dietary supplement in tablets. Created with laboratory attention to detail, it contains high quality raw material, which is alpha-lipoic acid. This is one of the most effective antioxidants recommended not only during periods of increased physical and mental effort. OstroVit ALA is the right preparation for everyone. 90 servings in the package
Just one tablet a day
Highly concentrated ALA content – 600 mg in one serving
Strong antioxidant properties
ALA (alpha-lipoic acid)
Alpha-lipoic acid, in short ALA is a mitochondrial chemical compound from the group of carboxylic acids that engages and promotes energy matabolism in the human body. It was not until recently that it was considered a vitamin, because it was thought that it can only be obtained exogenously. Today, it is known that the body can synthesize it itself, but in very small amounts. It occurs mainly in meat, but also in small quantities in fruits and vegetables. The main and greatest advantage of supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid is its high antioxidant potential, thanks to which it helps to “sweep” free radicals from the body, which accelerate the aging process of the body, destroy DNA structures or lead to peroxidation of cell membranes. OstroVit ALA can support the rate of our metabolism, which clearly shows that ALA is also an excellent measure for slimming. The supplement also has chealting properties (binds heavy metals), which helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins and other dangerous substances.

One of the stronger antioxidants
Ideally suited while reducing body fat
Increases the absorption of certain nutrients
Supports the work of mitochondria
Contributes to delaying the body’s aging processes
Supports the body during detoxification processes
Supports our natural metabolism
Has a chelating effect


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