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Olimp CARBONIZER XR – 1000 g


58,10 AED

  • Recommended during intense physical activity
  • Precisely selected proportions of 4 sources of carbohydrates
  • Shorter regeneration time and improvement of sporting results


Efficient use of carbohydrate products, not only in endurance sports but also in strength-speed disciplines, helps reduce regeneration time and improves athletic results. While selecting such products and creating an effective supplementation schedule, the individuals engaged in physical activity should remember that the different chemical structure of molecules from various carbohydrates will determine the time of their passage through the digestive tract, the rate of digestion, the saturation of blood and the absorption into the muscles’ working cells.

During the initial stage of a training session, the required energy is supplied directly from muscle glycogen and after those resources are depleted, the reserves of glucose from liver glycogen are used. Lack of glycogen in the working muscles results in the impairment of their function and diminishes the physical effort capacity. At the same time there is an increased risk of the development of a catabolic state within the muscle tissue and the use of energy from amino acids, in order to provide strength for further activity. It is therefore necessary to supplement the diet – before and after the workout – with products which provide a constant supply of carbohydrates.

The manufacturing of this preparation is in line with pharmaceutical standards which guarantees the highest quality!

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Weight 1 kg
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Endurance Support


Lemon, Orange, Pine apple, Strawberry


Gender Neutral

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