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Olimp Provit 80 – 700 g


80,96 AED

  • A 96% protein complex
  • Support in building and maintaining muscle mass (protein)
  • Excellent solubility
  • Exceptional flavour
  • An excellent addition to your daily menu, which will help you prepare delicious protein snacks, such as protein ice cream, biscuits or pancakes


Provit™ 80 is a profoundly reworked product, based on the PROVIT 85 dietary supplement. The idea behind the introduced modifications was based on increasing the biological value of this nutrient. Replacing egg white albumin with excellent quality whey protein concentrate (WPC) has significantly increased the bioavailability of the new protein supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition when compared to its earlier version.

Of great important here is the fact that the addition of whey protein concentrate significantly helps speed up the absorption time of the first amino acids released from the protein structures of the product’s ingredients. The qualitative and quantitative composition of the supplement created by the uncompromising scientific staff of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company can therefore be described as excellent. The developed formula harmonises the ideal proportions of complete proteins with fast (WPC) and prolonged absorption kinetics (soy protein isolate – SPI).

Provit™ 80 protein supplement has been enriched with choline (substrate for the synthesis of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter1), inositol (precursor in the hypothalamic-pituitary hormone signalling pathway2) and L-carnitine.

Provit™ 80 guarantees keeping a positive nitrogen balance in the body and, above all, supports building and maintaining muscle mass.

The Olimp Sport Nutrition protein supplement is perfect for pre- and post-workout use to provide the right amount of easily absorbed protein and saturate the blood with amino acids. It is also the ideal choice if:

  • you need a nutrient with protein absorption spread over a time period (application of WPC and SPI forms)
  • you want to quickly prepare a delicious and rich shake
  • you need support in building and maintaining muscle mass (a solid portion of protein)
  • you are looking for a protein supplement that you can use to reduce body fat – the product contains a low amount of sugars and fat per serving and the addition of L-carnitine, often used in fat burners.
  • you want to add variety to your daily diet – the sensational flavours make Provit™ 80 protein supplement an excellent addition to your daily menu, which will help you prepare delicious protein snacks, such as protein ice cream, biscuits or pancakes

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Gender Neutral


Build Muscle, Exercise & Workout Support



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Protein Per Serving

20g – 30g


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