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OstroVit Siberian Ginseng is a tablet formulation containing Siberian ginseng extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus). It increases physical and mental efficiency. In addition, it supports learning and memorizing processes, and protects our body from stress factors. People, regularly using ginseng, feel more energy. For this reason, it will work in states of weakness, fatigue or in the process of convalescence. Our product is recommended for those who work both physically and mentally. 120 tablets in the package
1 serving = 1 tablet
Adaptogenic effect
Siberian ginseng
OstroVit Siberian ginseng
Eleutherococcus senticosus, known as Siberian Ginseng or simply Siberian ginseng, is an adaptogen that has its traditional use in Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it was used for kidney problems, spleen, for overall well-being, increased energy, and for easing mental tension. The root (where all the compounds and substances accumulate) is light brown and has a sweet taste with hints of bitterness. Siberian ginseng demonstrating adaptogenic action supports the body’s resistance to stress and various traumatic experiences, it is used in states of exhaustion or anxiety. Siberian Ginseng can support the central nervous system and help restore normal neurological functions. Siberian ginseng accelerates the reaction time, improves concentration, memory, sight and even the sense of hearing. It can lower blood sugar which makes it a useful herb for people with type II diabetes.

Has pro-cognitive activity
Strong adaptogenic properties
Can lower blood sugar levels
Can help maintain the correct weight
Shows improved libido and sexual performance in men
Improves and regulates the brain


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