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NameSYNEPHRINE 60 CAPS removeCLA SOFTGEL CAPS, 60 caps removeNutrend CARNITINE COMPRESSED CAPS - 120 caps removeARGININE 120 caps removeAMINO POWER LIQUID 1000 ml removeFAT DIRECT 60 CAPS remove
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ContentConjugated linoleic acid (CLA) encapsulated in special softgel capsules which significantly slow the degradation processes of the active substances and thereby increase their natural durability and stability. Along with green tea extract, which promotes natural immunity, maintains normal cholesterol levels and promotes fat metabolism, the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a very effective combination. Soft gel capsules are easily absorbable by the organism and contain 640 mg of CLA per capsule and additionally 50 mg of high-quality green tea extract. 640 mg of CLA per capsule 50 mg of green tea extract per capsule Easily absorbable capsules Effective utilization by the organism Packaging: 60 caps Units in box: 24 pcsA special dose of creatine monohydrate enclosed in special cellulose capsules to ensure the maximum use of creatine in the body. These capsules are resistant to the low pH in the stomach and enable the creatine to be transported to a more favourable environment in the digestive tract. Creatine is a nitrogenous compound which is found predominantly in skeletal muscles in the body and its level decreases during intensive physical activity. Regular creatine supplementation increases muscle performance, especially during intense workouts. To enhance its effect, we recommend using it in the so-called creatine cycles. The beneficial effect can be achieved by taking at least 3 g of creatine per daily dose. 1250 mg creatine in capsuleThe amino acid L-arginine has the highest proportion of nitrogen from the whole spectrum of amino acids and is an important part of complex proteins. An appropriate protein intake can ensure the recovery and growth of skeletal muscles, provided that the nitrogen balance is maintained. 500 mg L-arginin per capsule Unit size: 120 capsules Units in box: 20 pcsAMINO POWER LIQUID offers a comprehensive spectrum of amino acids in a liquid form, which enables the fastest possible delivery of amino acids. The product is based on the approved protein hydrolysate PeptoPro?, which contains di- and tripeptide casein fractions. Enriched with the amino acids L-arginine and L-ornithine. During intensive physical activity, there is a loss of individual amino acids, along with other important substances. Amino acids are the building blocks of each protein. A sufficient intake of quality protein, together with an optimal range of amino acids, contributes to muscle growth. Branched-chain amino acids are among the essential acids that the body must receive through the diet because their synthesis from other sources does not occur in the body. 31% protein 12,600 mg in a dose L-ornithine Unit size: 500 ml 1000 ml Units in box: 10 x 500 ml 6 x 1000Absolutely unique fat burner which perfectly combines power of natural extracts and the latest technologies. Product, which is rare not only for the used ingredients but also for the time of its usage. FatDirect is the very first night fat burner produced by the NUTREND company! It is specially developed product for reducing fat during sleep. Carefully composed prescriptions contains extracts from sea weed wakame, garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract (caffeine free). Product FatDirect does not contain any stimulating substances and thus is intended for usage in evening hours ? 1 capsule 30 minutes before sleep. WAKAME EXTRACT ? extract from sea weed high in pigmentation named fucoxanthin. This pigmentation according to metabolic and nutritional studies shows positive effect on fat reduction. The following clinical studies showed very interesting effects. GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT ? another extract among important efficient substances, which is very favourite not only at athletes but also at wide public and is often added into similar types of products. GARCINIA CAMBOGIA ? third efficient substance, which is often mentioned in connection with diet regime is green coffee extract, which together with ingredients mentioned above is closed in softgell caps for higher effectivity of the mixture. Usage of the product FatDirect is not necessarily in evening hours, but unlike other fat burners, it is posible to use FatDirect before sleep. Because of this fact, FatDirect is marked as ?night formula?. Package: 60 caps Find out your exact energetic intake to lose weight easily with our new tool. Nutrition specialits from the NUTREND company created a unique energetic calculator, which is available only on our website.
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